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Emissions trading in aviation: Regulation amending Directive 2003/87/EC entered into force (01/2018)

Dear Sir or Madam,

In our mailing of 01/11/2017 we told you about planned amendments to Directive 2003/87/EC.

"Regulation (EU) 2017/2392 (...) amending Directive 2003/87/EC to continue current limitations of scope for aviation activities and to prepare to implement a global market-based measure from 2021" was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 29/12/2017 and thus entered into force on that date.

As an aircraft operator, you must now observe the following amendments:

  • The inclusion of international flights (flights to or from airports in countries outside the European Economic Area) and flights to and from certain outermost regions of the EU remain suspended until 31/12/2023. As a result, the so-called reduced geographical scope that has applied since 2013 will continue unchanged. However, this is subject to a review of the implementation of the ICAO Global Market-Based Measure (CORSIA) by the European Commission according to Article 28b.
  • If you, as an aircraft operator, emit less than 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in relation to the reduced geographical scope, you can now make use of the small emitter regulations. This includes facilities such as the use of the "Small Emitter Tool" or the use of the "Support Facility" of EUROCONTROL. If you have entirely produced the emissions report using data from the Support Facility of EUROCONTROL, the verification obligation no longer applies. So far, this has only applied to aircraft operators who have emitted less than 25,000 tonnes of CO2 per year in relation to the original scope.
  • You will receive the same annual free allocation as in 2016 up to 2020. We intend to send adjusted allocation decisions to all aircraft operators with free allocation prior to the 2018 issue via the VPS. Subject to a review pursuant to the above Article 28b, the linear reduction factor pursuant to Article 9 EU Emissions Trading Directive should be applied as for stationary installations from 2021 which is 2.2% per year.

The full text of the regulation can be found at the following link. The commission has published relevant FAQs. They can be found at the following link.

Further information

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Dr Michael Angrick
Head of the German Emissions Trading Authority at the German Environment Agency

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