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RegisterI do not receive SMS challenges for the log in into the Union Registry. What can I do?


In order to eliminate your mobile phone as a cause please reboot the phone and try to log in again.

If possible you can also put your SIM card into a different device and try to log in again. Should the issue persist further inquiries need to take place.

Since the Union Registry is being managed by the European Commission and the access authentication is being provided by EU-Login (European Commission Authentication Service) the DEHSt can only forward your requests for further processing.

For a quick handling you can contact the EU-Login Help Desk directly via

You will find further instructions on the necessary information on the EU-Login website.

To streamline the processing of your issue please fill in this questionnaire beforehand:

  1. EU-Login UID (on the EU-Login website -„My EU-Login Account Details“ in the third row)
  2. Full Phone number including country code
  3. Provider/carrier + the country the user is located in
  4. If it was working in Roaming mode or not
  5. Has the number been transferred between providers or is it the original provider?
  6. The Device Type and Brand + imei (if possible)
  7. Complete sequence followed before the issue occurred
  8. Has any EU-Login challenge already been working with that number at that provider?
  9. The Date of last successful received sms challenge/other sms
  10. Are other users with same provider affected?
  11. The Date of last modification in EU-Login if any (mobile phone, others...)
  12. May the End-User directly be contacted by the Service Desk (EU-Login) or not?

Please note that processing of the issue can only start after reception of the questionnaire.

Subsequently three SMS will be sent. Please provide the content of the messages received and their timestamp to us or the EU-Login help desk in case you chose to contact them directly.


EU-Login website

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