German Emissions Trading Authority


Since January 2010, the Federal Republic of Germany has been offering emission allowances for auctioning. The auctions are held weekly at the European Energy Exchange EEX in Leipzig. To keep the public and market participants informed, we regularly publish evaluation reports on auction results.

In addition to the detailed analysis of German auction results, DEHSt's monthly auction reports also contain a comprehensive overview of secondary market developments. Since January 2017, the reports also include the monthly data on available OTC trading volumes, the inclusion of this data provides a more complete picture of the total market volume in EUA trades.

In order to guarantee a reliable market environment free of manipulation on the EEX, continuous surveillance is conducted by an independent Market Surveillance Office (Handelsüberwachungsstelle, HÜSt), as required under German law. The HÜSt regularly sends internal reports to the DEHSt with updates on their surveillance activities. Our periodical reports contain a short excerpt from the HÜSt reports for the relevant period.


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