German Emissions Trading Authority

General information

The Union Registry is centrally operated by the European Commission that developed it. The legal framework is laid down by the EU Registry Regulation. It contains specifications for the technical design of the registry software and rules on reporting requirements, account types, transaction types and safety aspects. A key purpose of the registry is firstly to hold the evidence at state level that the parties of the Kyoto Protocol do indeed meet their reduction commitment. On the other hand – at corporate level – it is an instrument of evidence that monitors whether installation and aircraft operators participating in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) meet their obligations under the EU ETS.

The Union Registry is an application that can be used with a standard web browser (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome). It does not have to be downloaded and installed on your computer. It is an electronic directory in which the ownership of emission certificates is registered in accounts. For this purpose, emission certificates of different types can be transferred between accounts in the registry. It consists of two main sections, an EU ETS section and a Kyoto section. The emission certificates exist only in electronic form. The registry is explicitly a no-trading platform thus supply and demand are not traded here.

On the following pages you will find information about opening and managing an account, security and background information on the Union Registry and the different types of certificates.


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