German Emissions Trading Authority

Forms Management System

The Forms Management System (FMS) is a server-based web application. Users can access it over the internet. It implements reports, notifications and applications within the scope of emissions trading as required and supports the operator in drawing them up. FMS provides operators and verifiers support with fill-in hints and input validation in order to submit as error-free and complete data sets as possible. FMS is also used by external customers for reporting data to us on all essential enforcement issues. All partners involved are able to access this data together via a secure internet connection.

The FMS applications meet all requirements for the content and structure of the required emissions reporting. Modern features make data entry easy, while ensuring high data quality. These features include: preset catalogues or checking logical functions.

We provide you with detailed guides and manuals and provide training events as well as telephone support from our customer service department. Individual FMS applications are available for all procedures in emissions trading. In the field of aviation, German and English software versions are being offered. The use of FMS applications is mandatory pursuant to paragraph 23 of the German Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act (TEHG).

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