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Data protection declaration

Any access to the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) website at the German Environment Agency is stored on our internet server in a log file for data security purposes for a maximum of 14 days. The following data is saved in this log file:

  • Name of the file downloaded
  • Date and time of download
  • Data volume transferred
  • Notification of whether the download was successful
  • IP address (completely anonymised)

The saved data is stored anonymously and only used for optimising the internet resource and for statistical purposes. The data is not given to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes, nor is the log file data merged with other saved data i.e. personal data disclosed while accessing other resources. Your log file data remains anonymous at all times and cannot be traced back to you through your log file IP address. The IP address is only checked in the event of an attack on the German Emissions Trading Authority’s internet infrastructure, or in the case of a breach of normal moral standards or other illegal activities relating to the use of the internet resource. Tracing you through your IP number is only possible via your dial-up provider when the breach is under investigation by a public prosecutor.
If there is an option to enter personal or business data (email addresses, names, addresses) within the internet resource, this data is given by the user on an expressly voluntary basis. This includes the following areas/functions on our pages:

  • RSS feeds
  • Regular DEHSt mailings
  • Contact
  • Sending a page
  • Has this information been helpful?

The data sent to us is only recorded for the use of and duration of the service in compliance with German and European data protection law and is then immediately deleted. No data is given to third parties and your data is not processed or used for the purpose of consultation, advertisement and market research.

Most Browsers allow restrictions on writing cookies. Cookies are not absolutely necessary but often recommended to be allowed. Note: cookies are pieces of information written by the server to the user's hard disk.

The cookies used by the Content Management System GSB (Government Site Builder) for our website distinguish between technical and other cookies. The technical cookies serve exclusively for website functionality and not for user identification. They contain no personal data. All other cookies have been disabled.

Our capture software FMS merely sets a temporary cookie with an identifier called a session ID. By using this identifier, the server can assign its data to each user. When you quit, the cookie is deleted. If the use of cookies is not allowed, the session ID is appended to the URL. However, the latter method is less secure in terms of data security.

Your data is encrypted and transmitted via the HTTPS (secure internet protocol) for use in our IT applications.

Communication via email

Communication via email may have security gaps since emails on their way to the DEHSt may be captured and viewed by other internet users. If the German Emissions Trading Authority receives an email from you (for example via the contact form), it is assumed that we are also entitled to respond by email to this email address. Otherwise, we ask you to consider another type of communication (e.g. via the Virtual Post Office).

Caution is advisable in the case of questionable emails: fraudsters often try to install malware (e.g. viruses or Trojan horses) on third-party PCs via attachments or links in worrying emails about unpaid invoices or attracting attention by dramatic news etc. Mistrust is needed when emails have sensational subject lines, dubious content or are of questionable origin – such emails must be immediately deleted. Do not open attachments or links in these emails under any circumstances. Fundamentally, DEHSt never sends files in the attachment with a suffix ".exe", ".com", ".bat" or ".pif". Please remember never to open these attachments and let us know immediately, possibly by telephone, if you receive such an email. DEHSt will never ask you by email or telephone for sensitive information such as bank details or passwords.

Notes on e-mail communication

We have been sending advanced signed email messages from the domain through our customer service since June 2017. Our signatures have been confirmed by the Federal Printing Office (Bundesdruckerei)’s trust service provider D-Trust. In this way we are responding to the general increase in spam and phishing emails being sent from fake email addresses.

This action helps you to better recognise fraudulent emails sent under our name. For signed messages, you can check whether the electronic signature certificate has actually been issued to the German Emissions Trading Authority at the German Environment Agency (DEHSt) and whether the message has been delivered to you unadulterated.

Our "Customer service" certificate is confirmed by the trust service provider D-Trust. This D-TRUST certificate is again confirmed by the trust service provider COMODO.

Our signatures for you to compare are set out below:

In you feel an email signature is considered invalid, please check if both or either of the two root certificates are/is missing in the certificate store of your operating system. In this case, you can download the certificates from the trusted service provider websites and save them in your operating system certificate store. As a rule, both root certificates should be saved in your operating system certificate store.

We regret that we cannot read encrypted messages sent to our customer service email address emissionshandel[at] for technical reasons. Please do not send encrypted email queries.

Advanced certificates

Right to information

As a user of the internet resource provided by DEHSt you have the right at any time to obtain information on the nature and extent of the data saved in connection with your visit to the website. The information is provided free of charge and at your request in context with your visit. Please contact the data protection representative at the German Environment Agency.

Data protection representative at the German Environment Agency (UBA)

For further questions and more information on the topic of data protection, please contact the data protection representative of the German Environment Agency, Mr. Udo Langhoff.


He is also the contact for the enforcement of your rights as a person concerned.

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