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Information for installation operators

Participants in the European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in Germany are operators of large combustion facilities (with a thermal output over 20 megawatts, mostly energy-generating installations) as well as energy-intensive industrial installations. A list of relevant installation types can be found in Annex 1 of the greenhouse gas emissions trading law (TEHG).

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Information for operators

Operators in the third trading period will only receive a free allocation of emission allowances on a temporary basis. This is determined based on benchmarks in an EU-wide allocation procedure and allocated based on the 2020 Allocation Ordinance (ZuV 2020). Companies that emit more greenhouse gases than are covered by their allowances must purchase additional emission allowances. Those who emit less emissions can sell excess allowances.

Emission allowances issued as a result of CDM and JI climate protection projects can be included in EU emissions trading. The associated directive (Linking Directive) allows operators participating in EU emissions trading to fulfil part of their climate protection obligations through CDM and JI projects.

The German Environment Agency (UBA) has been appointed as the competent national authority.


List of installations

3rd trading period

In the third trading period, the German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) will publish a current list of stationary installations subject to emissions trading in Germany by the middle of each year. It will be based on the same database as used for the annual mid-May VET report on greenhouse gas emissions from installations subject to emissions trading in Germany.

The following list of installations provides, among other things, information on the individual free allocation of installations participating in emissions trading for the current third trading period. Furthermore, it presents the annual CO2 emissions of the previous years, as well as the VET emissions from the Union Registry up to 01/04/ of the respective year.

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2nd trading period

Please find all lists of German installations of the second trading period in our archive.

All lists are only available in German.


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