German Emissions Trading Authority

The German Emissions Trading Authority

The German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt) at the German Environment Agency is the competent national authority for European Emissions Trading.

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Our aims

We aim to lead emissions trading to both ecological and economical success. Thus, we work in close cooperation with enterprises whose installations or aircrafts are subject to EU emissions trading and support the work of the verifying bodies. Furthermore, DEHSt is the contact point for the German Federal Ministry for Environment, the federal states, and the competent clean air authorities on the federal state level. On the national and international level, we work continuously on the development of emissions trading and the further integration of the Kyoto Protocol’s project-based mechanisms (Joint Implementation – JI and Clean Development Mechanism – CDM).

DEHSt is also the „Designated National Authority“ (DNA) for CDM projects and the „Designated Focal Point“ (DFP) for JI projects regarding the approval of the respective climate protection projects.

We communicate with our partners mainly electronically. This concerns the application procedure, the allocation of certificates, as well as the account management in the national registry, and annual emissions reporting. In 2006 DEHSt was voted “best virtual organisation” in the German eGovernment competition for public offices at federal, state, and local levels.

Our employees are committed to the mission of the German Environment Agency.



If you want to visit us:

German Environment Agency
German Emissions Trading Authority (DEHSt)

Bismarckplatz 1
14193 Berlin

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German Environment Agency
German Emissions Trading Authority

PO Box 330022
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Duties and organisation chart

Duties and responsibilities

  • Allocation of emissions allowances
  • Controlling and auctioning of emissions allowances in Germany
  • Review of yearly emissions reports
  • Approval and review of climate protection projects within the framework of the Kyoto Protocol
  • Account management of the accounts administered by Germany in the EU ETS part of the Union Registry and Kyoto processes in the national Kyoto Registry
  • Supporting the independent verification bodies as to verifying emissions data
  • Supporting the German Federal Ministry for Environment and the European Commission in analyzing and enhancing European Emissions Trading
  • Fulfillment of national and international reporting
  • International cooperation with different institutions so as to build up national and regional emissions trading systems
  • Payment of State aid to energy-intensive enterprises to compensate for indirect CO2 costs (electricity price compensation)

Organisation chart

DEHSt Organisational Chart


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As of: November 2014

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