German Emissions Trading Authority

Hydro power projects over 20 Megawatts

In an EU Commission led Working Group, and on the initiative of Germany, the EU Member States have agreed on a joint approach for the approval of JI and CDM hydropower projects with a power generation capacity exceeding 20 MW.

Source: Corinna Gather/DEHSt

Article 11b, paragraph 6 of the EU Emissions Trading Directive provides that in the approval process of hydro power projects that exceed 20 MW in production capacity, relevant international criteria and guidelines are considered, including the recommendations of the World Commission on Dams (so-called WCD recommendations) from November 2000. In order to ensure this in the approval process, the EU member states require a compliance report which must be verified by an accredited competent authority (Designated Operational Entity, DOE). The EU Working Group developed a template for this compliance report which is based on the seven strategic priorities of the WCD report. The EU working group has also defined the scope of the article in the "Guidelines for a common interpretation of Article 11b paragraph 6 of the Emissions Trading Directive" more clearly.

The purpose of these two documents is to ensure that qualitatively comparable application requirements exist within the EU for large hydro power projects.

Germany supports this voluntary harmonisation in the EU. Therefore, in addition to the usual application documents for hydro power projects larger than 20 MW, a compliance report in accordance with the specifications of the harmonised document template has to be submitted. This replaces the previous DEHSt guideline document for large hydro power projects.

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