German Emissions Trading Authority

Issuing Letters of Approval or Endorsement for a project

Currently, 461 climate project applications have been submitted to the DEHSt. This number includes applications for project approval and applications for support of projects yet to be developed (applications for support letters).

In line with the strict international regulations for JI and CDM procedures, the Project Mechanisms Act (ProMechG) distinguishes between approval and endorsement.

Approval, as defined in ProMechG section 2 no 16, means the approval of a climate protection project in order to have emission reduction units (ERUs) or certified emission reductions (CERs) issued. Approval by the German Environment Agency, the German Designated National Authority/Designated Focal Point (DNA/DFP) is a prerequisite for the participation of other parties in a project.

For a Letter of Approval, the following documents must be submitted to DEHSt at the German Environment Agency:

  • a written application for approval
  • a Project Design Document (PDD)
  • a Validation Report (VR)
  • the approval of the host country – if applicable

(For JI projects outside the territory of the German Federal Republic see ProMechG section 3 subsection 4 sentence 2, for CDM see ProMechG section 8 subsection 3 sentence 2.)

A letter of endorsement, on the other hand, is a legally non-binding declaration by which DEHST endorses the development of a JI or CDM project outside the territory of the German Federal Republic. See in more detail ProMechG section 3 Subsection6. An endorsement is issued on the basis of available information on a project if DEHSt deems a future approval of the project to be likely.

For a Letter of Endorsement, the following documents must be submitted to DEHSt:

  • a written application for a Letter of Endorsement
  • a Project Idea Note (PIN)

(For JI projects outside the territory of the German Federal Republic see ProMechG section 3 subsection 6 und CDM section 8 subsection 5 and ProMechG section 3 subsection 6.)

Letters of Endorsement are not needed for JI projects within the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. However, DEHSt will normally evaluate a domestic project if approached and supplied with a complete and plausible Project Idea Note.

Applications and documentation may be submitted either in German or in English. The application must be submitted on paper, while accompanying documentation can be submitted in electronic form or on CD-ROM.

The application must be submitted by the project-funding organisation alone or by an agent appointed by the organisation.

Official acts in compliance with ProMechG will incur a fee as specified in the Project Mechanisms Act Fee Ordinance (ProMechGebV).

DEHSt must come to a decision on a JI or CDM project within two months after receiving the complete application documentation.

Verifying Authorities

The validation and verification of project documentations lies in the hands of internationally accredited verifiers Accredited Independent Entities (AIEs) for JI and Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) for CDM.

Lists of accredited verifiers can be found on the UNFCCC website.


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