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The German CDM and JI project database makes comprehensive information on CDM and JI projects with German participation available to the public. It contains the complete documentation of individual projects. Projects that have been recognised contain links to the database of the Climate Secretariat of the United Nations. The information is provided in English only.

For JI projects outside German territory as well as CDM projects, the Federal Republic of Germany is an investor state, whereas for JI projects carried out in Germany, Germany is the host state.

According to Article 5 of the Project Mechanisms Act (ProMechG) in connection with Article 10 of the Environmental Information Act (UIG), the German Environment Agency is required to publish information relating to the preparation, validation and approval of JI and CDM projects. The project database contains all projects with German participation that have been approved by the German Government.

Approval has not yet been granted for JI projects in preparation, the documentation of which has been submitted for validation. At this stage, the interested public is given the opportunity to submit comments and statements to the competent authority in charge of the validation process. More information on these projects can be accessed via the JI and CDM Project Data Base under the heading "German Projects in Validation".

JI- and CDM hydropower projects with a capacity over 20 MW must submit evidence of compliance with specific environmental standards. The evidence takes the form of a complementary report that is submitted with the project documentation. This report is also published in the database for projects with German approval. These projects can be accessed via the "Large hydro power projects" tab.  

The database has several filters to allow you to access the information you need.

Project database

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Generated certificates from JI projects

Emission Reduction Units (ERU) are certificates issued for successful Joint Implementation (JI) climate protection projects. All projects for which ERUs according to article 6 of the Kyoto Protocol were generated in Germany are listed in the adjacent download.


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