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Carrying out climate projects

Alongside emissions trading, the Kyoto Protocol makes provisions for two further instruments for cost-effective climate protection, namely the two project-based mechanisms, Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism.


Project mechanisms (partly in German)

DOE-Rating durch das Öko-Institut – Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle bewertet die Studie (10/08/2010, PDF, 54KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Lam­bert Schnei­der und Lennart Mohr: „2010 Rat­ing of Des­ig­nat­ed Op­er­a­tional En­ti­ties ac­cred­it­ed un­der the Clean De­vel­op­ment Mech­a­nism" (DEHSt Stel­lung­nahme)

Carbon offsetting (partly in German)

Factsheet: Freiwillige Kompensation von Treibhausgasen (01/06/2018, PDF, 196KB, accessible)

Tipps zur Berech­nung von Emis­sio­nen, Auswahl ser­iös­er Ange­bote und Hin­ter­grund­in­for­ma­tio­nen zur frei­willi­gen Kom­pen­sa­tion

Leitfaden zur freiwilligen Kompensation von Treibhausgasemissionen (30/10/2008, PDF, 302KB, File does not meet accessibility standards.)

Leit­faden zur frei­willi­gen Kom­pen­sa­tion von Treib­haus­gase­mis­sio­nen

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